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Audience and Lecturer

Science In Our Valley

Scientists and science educators in the Wenatchee Valley have been gathering for the past few years for weekly seminars to catalyze the development of an engaged regional scientific community.

Each series features the research of local scientists and invited guest speakers.

Incredible research in our own backyard.

The Science in Our Valley seminar series began in October 2017 as a way for local scientists and science educators to bring their research to the community and as a way to engage and connect with one another. The series features presentations by local scientists and science educators as well as guests from outside the region.

The seminar presentations are intended for a ‘science-based’ audience, including researchers, postdoctoral scientists, K-12 educators, graduate students, undergraduate scientists, and science enthusiasts.

Fall 2023 Series

More information is coming soon!

Science in Our Valley is a collaborative effort with support from Apple STEM Network, Washington State University Tree Fruit Research & Extension Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Station, Wenatchee Valley College, the North Central Educational Service District and the Our Valley Our Future Bridge Research and Innovation District.

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