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Pathways + Transitions

Together, we foster a culture that recognizes the resources needed to support underrepresented students in their transition from early learning through post-secondary training and workforce career pathways in STEM.

Our Goal + Strategies

The Apple STEM Network is dedicated to creating a culture that fosters collaboration among schools, communities, and families to provide necessary resources for students as they transition from early learning through post-secondary training and workforce career pathways in STEM. These transitions are critical to our mission of improving post-high school credentials for young people in North Central Washington.

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Reinforce Existing Student Support Programs

We advocate for programs like CAMP, TRIO, GearUp, WSOS, MESA and others who support students in their transition between K-12 and higher education. We collect and share program data, and offer strategic support and collaboration to expand the reach of these programs and leverage our regional network activities to raise awareness and increase student participation in these programs


Advocate for Strategic Systems Alignment of STEM Pathways

Our focus is on developing articulation pathways that seamlessly guide students to post-secondary training and credential programs. We explore and share successful models for transitional support to postsecondary education, such as AVID, pre-apprenticeship, dual credit programs, and migrant leadership academies. Additionally, we work with education and workforce system actors to identify credentials that hold stand-alone or 'stackable' labor-market value, clarifying regional career pathways. We also aim to expand access to dual credit opportunities for systematically marginalized students and address systematic barriers through data analysis.


Provide Opportunities for Students to Imagine and Plan for their Future

We coordinate and support regional College and Career Fairs like the NCW College and Career Expos to connect students with valuable resources. We promote applications to the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship and host regional events that specifically target the recruitment of underrepresented youth to STEM development pathways. Working closely with school districts, we implement the High School and Beyond Planning process to support students' educational and career aspirations. Additionally, we capture the impact of regional partnerships to strengthen grant applications and organizations that share our commitment to STEM outcomes.


Advocate for Early STEM Learning Experiences for all Youth

We partner with the North Central Early Learning Coalition to advocate for resources that ensure children develop foundational STEM skills. We also host the STEM Early Learning Institute to provide caregivers and providers with valuable knowledge and tools to support early STEM education.

Transitions + Pathways

Programs + Partners

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The North Central Early Learning Coalition works with partners to ensure all children in North Central Washington have access to quality early learning. The coalition is made of diverse partners from various sectors including childcare providers, parents, social services, education, and public health.

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Dual Credit courses include Running Start, College in the High School, CTE Dual Credit, International Baccalaureate, and Advanced Placement courses in Washington State. School Districts can offer more than one type of dual credit for students. Studies show that students who earned 12 or more college credits during high school were more likely to graduate from high school and enroll in post-secondary training and programs. Students were also more likely to earn a post-high school credential. For these reasons, the Apple STEM Network works in partnership with schools and colleges to expand dual credit access and program alignment for students in North Central Washington.


The Apple STEM Network has partnered with Washington STEM and the Washington Student Achievement Council to help school districts support students with financial aid applications. Schools can learn more about financial aid resources and access live data to see which students have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA).

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The Early Learning Institute is part of the annual STEM Summit conference hosted by North Central ESD. The Early Learning sessions are geared to professionals who work with children birth to third grade, and feature presenters who offer expertise in promoting diverse STEM opportunities that are age and developmentally appropriate for young learners.

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The High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) is a state graduation requirement in Washington State. Beginning in the 7th grade, each student must have a High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP) to guide the student’s high school experience and prepare the student for postsecondary education or training and career paths (ESHB 2224, Chapter 31, Laws of 2017). The Apple STEM Network has partnered with Washington STEM, OSPI, and the North Central Career Connect Washington Network to offer support to schools and educators with HSBP implementation.

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